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gingerbread for dogs

victoria bc × no additives. no preservatives. lots of love.


Beardog Cafe bakes all natural, easy to digest dog treats that were inspired by our own dogs' dietary needs. Sold in coffee cup packaging, and based in Victoria BC, Beardog Cafe has been operating since 2009.

Our accidental dog treat venture began in 2008 when my dog, Raven, became critically ill...

stella f garcia, ceo & founder



In 2008, Raven, my Lab/Collie-x, survived 10 days of around-the-clock emergency care (acute pancreatitis), surgery, a year of cancer medication, and my incessant worrying. It was an exhausting climb back to health, but Raven recovered, and she inspired Beardog Cafe’s gingerbread dog treats.

Raven couldnt digest store-bought treats without her pancreatitis flaring up. When Ravens health stabilized, I decided that she deserved delicious, easy to digest treats. Thats when I made Raven gingerbread dog treats, and she loved them! More importantly, she could digest them.

My other dog, Beardog, inspired the name, Beardog Cafe.That’s how Beardog Cafe started – with love for my dogs. 

What do we put in our treats? Beardog Cafe treats are made with all natural ingredients: rye flour because it's low in gluten, black strap molasses because its high in nutrients, and ginger, cinnamon and cloves to help with digestion. Best of all, Beardog Cafe treats are packaged in coffee cup packaging - super cute!





We sell direct to you and deliver across Canada. What we save in wholesale fees, you save in purchase prices.


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